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What to expect about the vocabulary in HSK Level 3


HSK 3 is for learners who are at an intermediate level of Chinese and are capable of using the language in the majority of everyday situations they would encounter while living or travelling in China. The 600 words (300 from levels 1 and 2, plus 300 from level 3) included in the test cover topics such as seasons, expressing interest in hobbies, abstract locations and body parts.



Examples of vocabulary in the HSK test


A major feature of HSK 3 vocabulary is the introduction of abstract terms. Words such as 历史 (lìshǐ) – history, 机会 (jīhuì) – opportunity, 影响 (yǐngxiǎng) – influence, and 世界 (shìjiè) – world, allow individuals to engage in conversations about deeper ideas and concepts.


HSK 3 also expands on the vocabulary of adverbs, allowing for greater control over time, frequency and expressions of relativity in sentences. Such words include 经常 (jīngcháng) – often,  一共 (yīgòng) – altogether, 当然 (dāngrán) – of course, and 最近 (zuìjìn) – recently.


HSK 3 also includes a number of location words that are useful for surviving in China, such as 银行 (yínháng) – bank, 洗手间 (xǐshǒujiān) – washroom, and 图书馆 (túshūguǎn) – library.



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