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What to expect about the vocabulary in HSK Level 1


HSK 1 is the first test that Chinese language learners take, designed to test your ability to comprehend simple Chinese sentences and your knowledge of the first 150 words. Passing HSK 1 indicates that you have the capacity to continue studying Chinese to higher levels.



Examples of vocabulary in the HSK test



The vocabulary in HSK 1 covers some basic areas and topics that are likely to be relevant when first starting with a new language. Verbs such as 学习 (xuéxí) – “to study”, 工作 (gōngzuò) – “to work”, 喜欢 (xǐhuān) – “to like”, and 认识 (rènshi) – “to meet”, are all included. These are used in simple grammar structures to communicate direct meanings.


You are also tested on some basic personal nouns, such as 老师 (lǎoshī) – “teacher”, 朋友 (péngyǒu) – “friend”, and 医生 (yīshēng) – “doctor”, time words such as 年 (nián) – “year”, and 明天 (míngtiān) – “tomorrow”, and some basic expressions such as 谢谢 (xièxiè) – “thank you”, and 对不起 (duìbùqǐ) – “sorry”.


Also included in HSK 1 are the numbers one to ten, as well as question words like 谁 (sheí) – “who”, and 哪里 (nǎlǐ) – “where”.



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