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HSK Test Levels


Studying for a specific level of the HSK? We provide the latest information on the formats of each of the HSK test levels. Find out what to expect in each exam, including the level of the difficulty, vocabulary and more.


  • HSK 1 Learn more about the HSK level 1 Chinese exam

  • HSK 2 Learn more about the HSK level 2 Chinese exam

  • HSK 3 Learn more about the HSK level 3 Chinese exam

  • HSK 4 Learn more about the HSK level 4 Chinese exam

  • HSK 5 Learn more about the HSK level 5 Chinese exam

  • HSK 6 Learn more about the HSK level 6 Chinese exam



HSK Vocab Lists


Vocabulary is an important part of passing your HSK exam. The more words you know, the more you can understand, and the more likely you are to get the questions right on the exam. Getting the vocab out of the way also allows you to focus your study on other areas of the HSK, ensuring that you are well prepared overall for the test. To learn more about the vocab specific to each HSK level, check out our HSK Vocabulary Lists.


Here we provide all of the lists of vocabulary that you’ll need to know for each level.




HSK Past Paper Exam PDFs


Use the HSK past paper exams to practice the exams. Learn about what your strengths and weaknesses are, and find your areas of improvement.


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