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Speedy Vocab was founded in Wellington, New Zealand by Simon Gray to offer language learners a more efficient way of learning Chinese vocabulary.


While learning Chinese himself, Simon noticed a lack of high-quality language learning tools designed specifically to help learners develop their Chinese vocabulary. Frustrated by the array of inefficient websites and apps on offer, Simon decided to build his own.


In 2016, Speedy Vocab launched its inaugural Chinese language learning tool; a smart flashcard app offering the Speedy way to learn the Chinese HSK.

Meet The Team

Simon (葛西蒙)

Simon is the Founder of Speedy Vocab. He started learning Chinese in his spare time in late 2014, and soon became fascinated with the language and Chinese culture.


Outside of making Speedy Vocab tick, he is currently studying towards an actuarial qualification.

Tom (倪董谋)

Tom joined Speedy Vocab as a Language Acquisition Consultant and Product Developer in February 2016. His journey in linguistics began at the University of Auckland, where he completed a degree in Chinese.


In addition to working as a Chinese educator in New Zealand, Tom was awarded a finalist in the 2015 Chinese Bridge speech competition (汉语桥). He is currently based in Shanghai, completing a Masters degree at Fudan University.

Michael (孟凯)

Having studied Chinese language, history, and culture for over five years, Michael joined Speedy Vocab as Head Translator and Language Acquisition Consultant in July 2016


With an avid interest in travel, learning languages, and international relations, Michael spent a year and a half living in China (Nanjing and Tianjin) under government scholarships.

Ling (黄聆育)

Ling joined Speedy Vocab in late 2015 after completing a Masters in Linguistics from Victoria University. With a specific interest in teaching methods, Ling ensures that Speedy Vocab follows the best research in the field of linguistics.


She is aiming to begin her PhD in Linguistics with a focus on Chinese language teaching techniques.

Point Zero (零点)

Point Zero are Wellington based developers specialising in VR, holograms, and mobile apps. They came on board in 2015 to help develop the technology behind Speedy Vocab’s unique flashcard system.

Unicorn Factory (麒麟厂)

Unicorn Factory connects people who have ideas with developers, digital marketers, and business development experts. Unicorn Factory have been with Speedy Vocab since day one, offering invaluable business advice through their consultation service.

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